Results Requests

Virginia Code § 9.1-1104 provides that, “[u]pon the request of any person accused of a crime or upon the request of an accused person’s attorney, the Department . . . shall furnish to the accused or his attorney the results of any investigation that has been conducted by it and that is related in any way to a crime for which the person is accused.”  The “results” of a forensic scientist’s examination of evidence would be reflected on the Certificate of Analysis issued by the examiner.  The Department requires that an individual be charged with the offense (“accused of a crime”) in order to receive copies of any Certificates of Analysis prepared in his/her case.  Certificates of Analysis are only released to the accused and/or his or her attorney under Virginia Code § 9.1-1104.

Requests under Virginia Code § 9.1-1104 may be forwarded to the regional laboratory director for the laboratory that conducted the examinations in the case.  For regional laboratory director contact information, click here .

Inmate requests under Virginia Code § 9.1-1104 should be forwarded to Department Counsel, Amy Curtis Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins can be reached at:

700 North Fifth Street
Richmond, VA 23219

The Department does not have the ability to monitor and manage ongoing requests under Virginia Code § 9.1-1104.  At the time the request is received, all released Certificates of Analysis for that case will be forwarded to the requesting attorney or defendant.  If additional examinations are pending, the Department will note those additional pending exams and require that another request be submitted for those results in the future.