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  • Department Administration

  • Director: Linda Jackson
    Chief Deputy Director: Mason Byrd
    Deputy Director: David Barron, Ph.D.
    Human Resources Director: Julie Smith
    Department Counsel: Amy Curtis Jenkins

    Phone Number:

    Fax Number:

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  • Regional Laboratory Directors

  • Central Laboratory: Scott Maye
    Phone Number: 804.786.6800
    FAX Number: 804.786.6907

    Eastern Laboratory: David Koppenhaver
    Phone Number: 757.683.8327
    FAX Number: 757.683.8830

    Northern Laboratory: Joshua Kruger
    Phone Number: 703.334.9733
    FAX Number: 703.335.8365

    Western Laboratory: Kevin Patrick
    Phone Number: 540.561.6600
    FAX Number: 540.561.6608

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  • Division of Technical Services

  • Technical Services Director: Alka Lohmann
    Phone Number: 804.786.2281

    Program Managers:
        Biology: Brad Jenkins
        Phone Number: 804.588.4025

        Toxicology: James Hutchings, Ph.D.
        Phone Number: 804.588.4014

        Chemistry: Robyn Weimer
        Phone Number: 804.588.4049

        Physical Evidence: Samantha Glass
        Phone Number: 804.588.4126

        Forensic Evidence: Ellen Spain
        Phone Number: 804.588.4027
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  • Division of Administration and Finance

  • Finance Manager: Donna Carter
    Information Technology Manager: James Lavery
    Facilities Manager: Patrick Randolph
    Procurement Manager: Marsha Sinclair-Kelley

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    Fax Number:

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  • Lab Locations

  • Central Lab - Richmond

    Mailing Address:
    700 North Fifth Street
    Richmond, VA 23219
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    Main: 804.786.4707
    Central Lab Director’s Office: 804.786.6800
    Forensic Training: 804.786.6936
    Breath Alcohol: 804.786.6971

    Admin: 804.786.6907
    Forensic Training: 804.786.6985
    Latent Prints: 804.786.6190
    Breath Alcohol: 804.786.6139

    Forensic Training:

    Eastern Lab - Norfolk

    Mailing Address:
    830 Southampton Avenue
    Suite 400
    Norfolk, VA  23510-1028
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    Telephone:  757.683.8327

    Fax:  757.683.8830

    Northern Lab - Manassas

    Mailing Address:
    10850 Pyramid Place
    Manassas, VA 20110
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    Telephone: 703.335.8100

    Fax: 703.335.8365

    Western Lab - Roanoke

    Mailing Address:
    6600 Northside High School Road
    Roanoke, VA 24019-2837
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    Telephone: 540.561.6600

    General: 540.561.6608
    Latent Prints: 540.561.6633

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