4-AP Cannabis Field Tests

The Department of Forensic Science (DFS) received grant funding from the Department of Criminal Justice Services to purchase 4-AP (also known as Swiss or Cannabis Typification) field test kits for distribution to law enforcement agencies. These kits can be used as a tool to assist law enforcement in differentiating between marijuana and industrial hemp, which are both varieties of cannabis.

Memo on Distribution of 4-AP Field Tests

Information on the 4-AP kits that DFS distributed to law enforcement. (11/8/2019)

4-AP Field Test Instructional Video

A training video for officers on the use of the 4-AP test, created with the Virginia State Police.

4-AP Field Test Instruction Sheet

An instruction sheet developed by DFS for law enforcement officers in Virginia.

Previous Notifications:

Memo on Marijuana Field Tests and Marijuana Analysis and Reporting

Information on the use of marijuana field tests (Duquenois-Levine) and the Department’s analytical scheme for marijuana. (5/23/19)