Forensic Science Academy Alumni Association

The purposes and goals of the Association are to:

  • enhance the science and art of crime scene processing and evidence handling,
  • encourage the exchange of ideas and information concerning crime scene processing techniques among Academy graduates and other crime scene search officers,
  • strive for the development of improved technical practices,
  • promote the goals of the Criminal Justice System and the ideals embraced by the Virginia Forensic Science Academy’s crime scene search course, and
  • encourage the highest standards of professional conduct by all crime scene processors.

The activities of the Association have included the following:

  • The Association provides support for the Department of Forensic Science (DFS) and the Virginia Forensic Science Academy in various ways — assisting in the coordination of training events, teaching in Academy-sponsored training programs, and teaching in other training programs concerning forensic science, thus spreading knowledge and understanding concerning the capabilities of DFS.
  • Members of the Alumni Association have worked with forensic laboratory training personnel in the development of evidence handling techniques and on  other special projects.  The Evidence Handling and Laboratory Capabilities Guide, for example, was developed as a joint effort of Department and the Association.
  • The Association created the Donald C. Benson Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is a separate organization that provides funds to deserving Academy graduates or dependents of Academy graduates pursuing a higher education.
  • The Association maintains a legacy fund to help support the Academy.
  • The Association has supported several legislative issues and other forensic laboratory initiatives.