Statutory Authority

The Department, Forensic Science Board, and Scientific Advisory Committee

§9.1-1100 Department of Forensic Science created; Director
§9.1-1101 Powers and duties of the Department
§9.1-1102 Department to be isolated; security and protection of evidence
§9.1-1103 Forensic Science Academy
§9.1-1104 Rights of accused person or his attorney to results of investigation or to investigation
§9.1-1105 Reexamination by independent experts
§9.1-1106 Disposal of certain hazardous materials
§9.1-1107 Disposal of certain other property after analysis
§9.1-1108 Disposal of property held by Division for more than 15 years
§9.1-1109 Forensic Science Board; membership
§9.1-1110 Functions of Forensic Science Board
§9.1-1111 Scientific Advisory Committee; membership
§9.1-1112 Meetings and chairman
§9.1-1113 Functions of the Scientific Advisory Committee

Breath Testing and DUI / DUID Blood Testing

§18.2-267 Preliminary analysis of breath to determine alcoholic content of blood
§18.2-268.6 Transmission of blood samples
§18.2-268.7 Transmission of blood test results; use as evidence
§18.2-268.8 Fees
§18.2-268.9 Assurance of breath-test validity; use of test results as evidence
§18.2-268.10 Evidence of violation of §18.2-266 or §18.2-266.1
§18.2-268.11 Substantial Compliance

Certificates of Analysis

§19.2-187 Admission into evidence of certain certificates of analysis
§19.2-187.01 Certificate of analysis as evidence of chain of custody of material described therein
§19.2-187.1 Right to examine person performing analysis or involved in chain of custody
§19.2-187.2 Procedure for subpoena duces tecum of analysis evidence
§19.2-188 Reports and records received as evidence
§19.2-188.1 Testimony regarding identification of controlled substances

DNA Analysis and Data Bank

§19.2-270.5 DNA profile admissible in criminal proceeding
§19.2-310.2 Blood, saliva, or tissue sample required for DNA analysis upon conviction of certain crimes
§19.2-310.2:1 Saliva or tissue sample required for DNA analysis after arrest for a violent felony.
§19.2-310.3 Procedures for withdrawal of blood sample for DNA analysis
§19.2-310.3:1 Procedures for taking saliva or tissue sample for DNA analysis.
§19.2-310.4 Procedures for conducting DNA analysis of blood sample
§19.2-310.5 DNA data bank exchange
§19.2-310.6 Unauthorized uses of DNA data bank; forensic samples; penalties
§19.2-310.7 Expungement

Confidentiality and Expungement

§16.1-299.1 Sample required for DNA analysis upon conviction or adjudication of felony

Sex Offenders and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act

§9.1-903 Registration Procedures

Scientific Analysis of Newly Discovered or Untested Scientific Evidence

§19.2-327.1 Motion by a convicted felon for scientific analysis of newly discovered or previously untested scientific evidence; procedure

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts

§16.1-299.1 Blood sample required for DNA analysis upon conviction or adjudication of felony