Familial Searches

Familial searching is a deliberate search of a DNA database conducted for the intended purpose of potentially identifying close biological relatives to the unknown forensic profile obtained from crime scene evidence.  Familial searching is based on the concept that first-order relatives, such as siblings or parent/child relationships, will tend to have more genetic data in common than unrelated individuals.  Practically speaking, familial searching would only be performed if the comparison of the forensic DNA profile with offender/arrestee DNA profiles has not identified any matches.

DFS Familial Search Policy

Forms and Worksheets

    Contact the DNA Supervisor in the appropriate Regional Laboratory for assistance.

    Forensic Biology Supervisor Laboratory Telephone
    Theresa Francis Central 804.786.4707
    Anne Pollard Eastern 757.683.8327
    Karen Ambrozy Northern 703.335.8100
    Nicole Harold Western 540.561.6600