PERK Tracking System Training for Collection Sites

The PERK Tracking System Training for Collection Sites is intended to train healthcare providers to use the Department of Forensic Science’s (DFS) PERK Tracking System to log actions performed on PERKs such as:

  • Receiving new PERKs from DFS;
  • Collecting PERKs;
  • Transferring anonymous PERKs to the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) for anonymous storage; and
  • Transferring offense-reported PERKs to law enforcement.

Use of the PERK Tracking System is mandatory effective July 1, 2020 (Code §19.2-11.13), so individuals who have not yet completed training must do so before being granted access to the System.

Any individual from a hospital or medical center who currently handles PERKs (e.g. forensic nurses) and will be logging information about the location and status of those PERKs in the Tracking System should participate in training.   

Currently, DFS offers video training for collection sites.  Please contact PERK Tracking System Coordinator at for more information.