Training for Attorneys & Judges

The Department of Forensic Science began offering training for Virginia criminal attorneys and judges in 2018. The courses are designed to help attorneys and judges who use and evaluate testing in their cases to have the background to understand the methods and practices of the discipline.  

The first offering, a day-long DNA training was held in 2018 and again in 2019. A training on the DUI/DUID discipline, which was a half-day training, was held in 2019. In 2021, DFS provided virtual half-day training on Controlled Substances.

Upcoming Training in 2023

DFS is planning to hold two trainings in 2023. Each training will be held four times, one at each laboratory to provide locations throughout the Commonwealth.

  • DNA – full day
  • Controlled Substances – half-day

For these trainings, there will be no registration fee, and no CLE credits will be given.

Registration information will be posted to the website in 2023. Stay tuned!