Are there any special conditions involved with working at DFS?

Criminal Conviction Investigation: In order to provide user agencies and the criminal justice system the assurance of forensic analyses of the highest caliber and integrity, the Department conducts a comprehensive criminal investigation on all selected candidates. A determination of either a job-related conviction or falsified conviction information on the application may result in denial of employment.

The state application for employment requires applicants to describe any convictions of law violation(s), including moving traffic violations, but excludes offenses committed before one’s eighteenth birthday.

DNA sample: Because DFS employees work in proximity to submitted crime scene evidence, it is necessary for all employees of the agency to have their DNA sampled and maintained in department files. The DNA sample is obtained via buccal swab (saliva sample).

Legal Eligibility for Employment: The Department of Forensic Science hires individuals that are legally authorized to work in the United States. Within the first three days of employment, you will be required to present evidence of your identity and legal authorization to work.

Grant funded (restricted) positions: Some positions are grant funded (restricted). This means the salary and other costs associated with the position are paid from grant funds rather than general funds. You will be advised of the restrictions that may apply if you are offered employment in a grant funded position.

Wage employment: A wage employee (part-time hourly) is limited to working 1500 hours in a 365-day period and is excluded from participating in the state’s vacation, retirement, health, and life insurance programs.