Can victims get information about the PERK analysis in their case?


A victim, a parent or guardian of a victim, or a close relative of a deceased victim has the right to request and receive from the investigating law enforcement agency information regarding:

  • The submission of the PERK for analysis:
  • The status of the analysis; and
  • The results of the analysis.

However, the law enforcement agency can withhold the information if it would interfere with an investigation or prosecution, provided the victim, parent, guardian or relative is provided an estimated date on which the information may be disclosed.  The victim, parent, guardian or relative must provide a current address or telephone number to the Commonwealth’s Attorney and the law enforcement agency.

Information about the location and status of victim PERKs can also be viewed in the Victim Portal of the PERK Tracking System.  The Victim Portal only provides the status of the analysis (analysis completed or examination terminated) and not specific analysis results. For analysis results, contact the investigating law enforcement agency. Please visit the Victim/Survivor FAQ or the Victim Portal Manual for more information.