Where are anonymous PERKs stored and for how long?

Pursuant to Code § 19.2-11.6, all anonymous PERKs must be forwarded by the health care provider to the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) for storage.  DCLS is required to store each kit for a minimum of two years and for an additional period of 10 years following the receipt of a written objection to the destruction of the anonymous PERK from the victim. After the initial two years or any additional 10-year storage period, in the absence of the receipt of a written objection from the victim in the most recent 10-year period, DCLS may destroy the anonymous physical evidence recovery kit or, in its discretion or upon request of the victim or the law-enforcement agency, retain a kit longer. If the victim makes a report to law enforcement, DCLS is required to release the PERK to the law enforcement agency. Information about anonymous PERKs can be found on the DCLS website.