Are there any costs associated with the training?

There is no fee for the class.  Law enforcement agencies are responsible for covering student expenses.  DFS may have grant funds available, however, to assist with the cost of student lodging.  Please contact the Breath Alcohol Section for details.

What happens if an operator misses a retraining class and his license expires?

Once an operator’s license expires, the operator cannot run a test.  The instruments will not accept an expired license. An operator has a one-year period to take a Retraining class. If this year expires without the operator successfully completing Retraining requirements, the operator must attend another Basic (Initial) Operator’s class. Any operator who misses a scheduled class should contact the Breath Alcohol Section.

Who notifies operators about Retraining dates?

The Breath Alcohol Section will notify the law enforcement agency approximately eight weeks prior to the class. Retraining classes are conducted in the following areas: Richmond, Manassas, Tidewater, Roanoke, Blackstone and Bristol.