What paperwork is required by DFS for submission of family reference samples or an alternate known in a Missing Persons case?

DFS recommends the use of the Missing Person Family Reference Collection Kits. These kits can be obtained at any of the Regional Laboratories or Medical Examiner’s offices. Follow the instructions provided with the kits, and submit along with a completed Request for Laboratory Examination (RFLE). If you do not have the Missing Person Family Reference Collection Kits, download and complete this document for each reference sample being collected, and submit along with the reference samples/alternate known and a completed RFLE.

I have an old case that is still unsolved. Is there anything that can be done now that could help clear the case?

If you have an old, unsolved case that you would like to resubmit for re-evaluation, please call the Forensic Biology Section prior to submission. The case file will be retrieved and reviewed so that both the examiner and officer can discuss the possible course of analysis that could be conducted prior to the re-submission of the evidence. This communication also enables the officer to know which items of evidence to resubmit to the laboratory.

How can I get my case searched in the Virginia DNA Data Bank?

If you have a case in which there is biological material identified, but you have no suspect, the case will be searched against the DNA Data Bank. If there is a “hit” against an individual, you will receive a report stating the offender’s name and other identifying information. If there is a “hit” against the DNA profile of crime scene material from another case, you will receive a report stating the FS Laboratory Number and jurisdiction of the related case. If there is not a hit, you will receive a report stating this. These cases are routinely searched as the DNA Data Bank is updated with new  profiles.